Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The word on the preseason

I was surprised to learn the Sabres' season-ticket package included the Minnesota preseason game on Sept. 28 but not the Toronto game on Sept. 27. Guess they figured lots of those tickets would get bought up anyway, but isn't that an open invitation for the building to be filled with preseason Laffheads? That said, if you don't include the Minnesota game in the package, how many people would really pay for an exhibition against them? Thought so. Tickets for both games go on sale Sept. 3 at discounted prices of $20-$45 (and tickets for kids are half-price at all levels). Seems like a pretty good deal on all counts. There's an incredible -- and I would say well-deserved -- disdain for NFL preseason games among a large segment of fans. But I don't get a similar sense aboutnhl exhibitions. So are you planning on taking up the Sabres on their offer of cut-rate hockey? ---Mike HarringtonSource

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