Saturday, October 18, 2008

'91 series was no classic

I've developed a new Sunday night tradition on my DVR -- going through the upcoming week's listings on the Network to see what classic games are going to be shown. Starting Monday night at 9 and running several more times this week on "Classic Series" is the Sabres' six-game loss to the Canadiens in the opening round of the 1991 playoffs. Now, frankly, that wasn't a classic series in my eyes (but it's all about what they have video from). Wouldn't we rather see the memorable 1973 first-rounder vs. the Habs? The '75 semifinals that got the Sabres to the brink of the Cup for the first time? I'd even take the '93 sweep at the hands of the eventual Cup champion Habs, all 4-3 losses and three in overtime. And the best memory against the Habs in the playoffs has to be the '98 sweep, including Michael Peca's double-OT goal in Game Three. The '91 series that we'll see was a six-game defeat. The first five were all won by the home team with Russ Courtnall's OT goal in Game Five at the Forum turning out to be the backbreaker. The Habs wrapped things up with a 5-1 win in Game Six at the Aud. Things degenerated late in that one with a skirmish that ended like most did back in the day -- with Rob Ray shirtless. Check it out below.Source

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