Tuesday, January 20, 2009

With Games Winding Down.....Sunday Bloody Sunday!

Sadly it is coming to an end but what a great day of hockey it was! I saw a great day of 60 shots on goal on Long Island, a stink bomb on the ice (see Mike's video), a comeback at MSG, and so much more. The late games are providing just as much excitement folks...so if you can check out the final moments of an awesome night of the coolest game on Earth.Oh and how often do you see this decide a game in the closing second???? Yeah that was something else!Then there was the frenetic ending at MSG.......nice recap too. Add in shootouts in the Detroit-Chicago game and Buffalo-Colorado....and you had a whale of a day. I was even playing Brass Bonanza in the background after the Avs won. You have to love when the games are this good...this early! That can only help the parties and get togethers. Hopefully everyone had a blast tonight enjoying a sport that so many of us love...hockey.Now of course for all the good, all the fun everyone has had tonight...there comes Sunday's stark reality. There is no hockey tomorrow...NOTHING...not one single solitary game. Yes there are some big football games and a World Series Game 4 but no hockey still leaves a bitter taste on the palette. I am admittedly humming "Sunday Bloody Sunday" from U2....and I guess in an hour or so I really will feel that way once the euphoria of 15 games erodes from my soul.Time for a flashback to lament a bit.... That does make me feel a bit sad listening to that song. The first line alone folks...always gets me right there in the heart. Here is the first little bit of the song...yes you know the words.Yes...I cant believe the news todayOh, I cant close my eyes and make it go awayHow long...How long must we sing this song?How long? how long...cause tonight...we can be as oneTonight...So with a heavy sigh and a chug of my cider...it is pretty much time to put this night in the books. It was no doubt a night to remember for some good, bad, and ugly reasons. Now what can you do on Sunday with no hockey? That is a good question. There are podcasts you can listen to like our Fantasy Hockey Hour and The Program With Chris And Rick. There is also some good old standbys like Puck Podcast for the hard core fan, and so many other great podcast and radio show options. Why not surf XM, the/nhl Network, even the good internet streaming sites. There are some KHL and Juniors action going on. Also, you can go on youtube or hulu for some games and highlights. Catch up on the season or the classics.Other options include fishing through the old video and dvd collection, read a hockey book, or even call a friend. Hang out with some hockey fans....have some fun with it. It definitely sucks right now major donkey poo....but Sunday is not the end of the world...even if it is disappointing. Without a doubt, no hockey on Sunday is. So don't say wake me up when Sunday ends...just make the best of the day. Catch up on hockey and more importantly life folks. Life's too short sometimes.Source

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