Thursday, January 8, 2009

One More Time

The Minnesota Wild took another win last night at the Xcel Energy Center when they played the Chicago Blackhawks. Which means that our boys on the Minnesota Wild roster are still (technically) undefeated. Stop screaming at your screen. I know we lost to the Buffalo Sabres last week.' So technically it doesn't count. I don't know about these technicalities. In my book, a loss is a loss, whether it occurs in regulation play or overtime. And you can't win 'em all, right? Right. But, that's the way the rules work in the. So again, we're technically undefeated.And despite our 6-0-1 status, Minnesota Wild tickets are still priced pretty darn moderately around the web. I'm pretty impressed. Especially since my Wild ticket budget has dramatically decreased since last year!This (freezing cold) weather is really hard to adapt to. It was 24 degrees when I took my dogs outside this morning. 27 degrees. In October. Brrrrrrr....makes me want to be here: I am just going to sit here for a minute with visions of sunshine and margaritas dancing in my head (in lieu of sugarplums).Ok, onto more important things. Like the all-important Minnesota Wild vs. Montreal Canadiens game impending on Thursday Evening. Koivu vs. Koivu. Be there or be square. And the even bigger question: will Minnesota Wild fans see superstar Marian Gaborik on the ice for this game? Only time will tell. And speaking of Marian's a question that's been on my mind for a while. If he gets traded...which there is a very high possiblity of...what of all the Gaborik jerseys floating around at Minnesota Wild fan homes? Would you still wear your Gabby jersey? Or invest in a new one? And if you'd be investing in a new jersey...whose number/name would you want? Inquiring minds (well, mainly my own) want to know.Ok, that's all the tough questions I need answered for now.Much love for all of your responses!CK Source

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