Wednesday, December 3, 2008


-- kempedy --FLYER KILLERJust another example of a solid hockey game.The tables were turned on the Penguins.Mellon Arena Syndrome was in full effect.A Pens lead in Mellon Arena is about as safe as Charlie's butthole at a Nickelback concert.You almost expect it by now.Sidney Crosby, who's trying to get out of a "slump" comes up big to tie it.Mike Richards with the egregious turnover on the play made it doubly sweet.The Pens have won 5 in a row.We'll see where the Pens stand in the Eastern Conference on Saturday when Buffalo comes to town.If these OT games keep coming, no one is going to be alive by March.dustin kwhistlerdouble jFLEURYOUSAside from the Oiler game last week, we hadn't seen much of the Mellon recently.She's a grand old lady.The confidence the Pens gained from the Red Wings game showed early on. They were on acid.Staal's line started the game. Good call.Crosby's line was the next onto the ice, and then he went off for tripping.A great chance for the Flyers to jump up ahead.But the Flyers couldn't even make it the two minutes without heading to the box themselves.After some jobbin, Kennedy leads a mini rush with Cooke. 1-0.Good to see Cookie get on the board.Even though Staal wasn't on the ice for it, the line has been coined Sesame Street, with the Cookie Monster, Staal Big Bird, and Kennedy Elmo.The Pens and Flyers exchanged power plays in the rest of the first. That was it.- coffeytalk -Not a PS. Unreal.A little background on the picture.The owner is Christine, and the sign was in attendance against the wings as well::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Welcome back, EatonThe Pens came out in the second with balls blazing.1:11 into the period, Malkin and Fedotenko team up. 2-0.What a shot.Like 8 seconds later, the Flyers were headed to the box.Second verse almost same as the first. High glove. Bing. 3-0.Flyers coach John Stevens had to call a timeout to get his team together and show them something.Oh, and the Pens had another PP on the way.No dice.If you thought a 3-0 lead was safe, you had an erection because you are not thinking clearly.Jeff Carter put the Flyers on the board with some crap. 3-1.We weren't even halfway through the game yet.Scott Hartnell is an idiot and takes a shot at Sykora. Box city.If you want to know why yelling SHOOT is dumb, we got a reminder.Goligoski tries to shoot it through 80 people.Shot blocked. Gagne heads down the other way.3-2.Ah, the early symptom of M.A.S. -- a shorthanded goal.After being in the box, Talbot comes out and draws a penalty.Nobody even knows how, but the Flyers get a 3-on-1 on the kill.Gagne licks the stamp. What a shot. 3-3.The Flyers closed out the second with Issac Newton pulling the strings on another goal. 4-3.What is there to say about the third period?MAF gets pulled, and Sabu rolls in.Nothing. It was just a waiting game with a power play in the middle.Probably the fastest period of all time.Father Time was in town.Mike Richards makes a horrible play. Turnoverblog.Talbot fans on it/passes it to Bing.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::FLASHBACKDarren Dreger:"But his shot remains a weakness and although some have suggested he switch to the more popular one piece stick, Crosby continues to reject the notion of change and won't abandon a two-piece stick with a straight blade that many believe hampers his ability to get the most out of his shot"::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Looked pretty good on that shot. Dick.87 buries it.4-4.The rest of the third and OT was mud.We didn't keep tabs on who took shots in the shootout.All the big guns were taking their shots.Danny Sabourin's stick was in the best shape of its life.A pokecheck on an early shooter, and then he completely robs Mike Richards. Unreal save.Here is the save, but maybe better than the save is Scott Hartnell's meltdown on the bench:What a babyAlex Goligoski was the 80th shooter. What a move. Goal.Scott Hartnell was the Flyers last hope. That speaks for itself.Any other player, we wouldn't think twice about the altercation with Sabu after Hartnell crapped himself on the shot.But it's Scott Hartnell. What a horrible player.He collides with Sabu. Sabu tells him to get a real job.Game.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::MISCELLANEOUSWe got one of our favorite e-mails of all time after the game:We, the members of the WHAM! Penguins FanClub, in honor of Alex Goligoski's dirty shootout goal tonight vs. the hated Flyers, propose the following: *Every time Goligoski scores a goal, this video is posted on The Pensblog: v=Hksil-KkebQ *We start producing Pens-branded Go-Go shirts (as seen in the video above), sell them to the loyal fans of The Pensblog, and donate the proceeds to The Mario Lemieux Foundation. *Every time Go-Go scores, fans at Mellon Arena all do the Jitterbug, and they play this song on the loudspeaker (and/or the above video on the Jumbotron). Sincerely, The WHAM! Penguins FanClub Est. 1988Sold.Go Pens

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