Friday, December 19, 2008

Paging Mark Victor Hansen

TIC TAC TOE. Tape to Tape.Caps 1, Sens 2 (OT)In this sensitive time, I've invited Mark Victor Hansen of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series to analyze last night's effort. Sean Covey will make an appearance after the next Caps loss.JJ: Mark, after the Caps' 5-0 shutout loss in Buffalo, they now come away from Ottawa with one point in the standings after an OT loss. Thoughts? Feelings?MVH: You know, JJ, this reminds me of a story about a little boy showing kindness to a stranger. Steven and his father decided to engage in some father-son bonding through a day at the circus. They showed up at the box office and waited in line for about twenty minutes. As they approached the sales associate, Steven looked around and noticed that another father and son were at the circus as well. "What a beautiful world," thought Ste---JJ: Mark, we really don't have time for this crap.Mark: Dammit, JJ! How do expect me to get Chicken Soup for the Corporate Asshole published if you won't even let me stimulate the middle-aged male guilt gland?JJ: Um, the game? Any insights?Mark: Life isn't a competition, JJ. So many times in life, we as human beings are tempted to look around and compare our journey to the journeys that others may be trekking. It's just a distraction. Competition is an enemy to contentment. The physical scoreboard means very little. It's the scoreboard of the inner Lotus blossom that defines our essence. Winning isn't the key to happiness. You know what is? Bliss.JJ: Wow. That's some serious perspicacity you just threw at me. By that logic, though, the Caps would be better off doing hits of opium in the locker-room, and lines of coke on the bench. After all, it's not a competition.Mark: Whoa there, JJ, you're talking to the guy who just published CS for the Golfer's Soul. "Life isn't a competition..." Where the hell did you hear that? I ask you...JJ: This interview is going nowhere.Mark: "Nowhere" is just a state of mind, JJ. We all have the power to choose truth over lies, happiness over sorrow, the bard over the warrior, peace over war, vanilla over---JJ: It was nice to have you Mark. Thanks.Some thoughts:--I have a crush on Sergei Fedorov. Feds is a renaissance man and I love him for that. There is nothing this man cannot do: Offense, defense, PP, PK, start the rush, join the rush, play net... He's a God.--Our PK wasn't as good as it looked tonight, though when we kill a two minute two man advantage, I'll take it. It really wasn't Heater's night.Source

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