Monday, September 15, 2008

Mats Sundin: 'I'm Going to be a New York Yankee!'

Even though I find all of the Mats Sundin talk horribly dull and repetitive, I understand an elite (or once-elite) player wanting to take as much time as he needs to decide if he's returning to his sport. It's a big decision. I get that. What I don't get is why Sundin can't narrow his potential job search down to just a few teams. Is he actually considering the Lightning? Or is he just saying yes to to every team that asks if he's interested? Because by saying yes to everyone, as he seems to be doing, he's just making it harder for unsigned players to get signed. He's like the pretty girl who won't commit to a prom date. Except I'm assuming at the end of all of this Sundin drama, no one will be hooking up in their father's car in the parking lot. I don't really know how/nhl contract negotiations go, though. I could be wrong.Meanwhile, Washington Capital Michael Nylander says he has no plans to leave the team; when he tried to sell his house, he was merely selling his house. How can Nylander sound so confident he's not going anywhere despite rumors to the contrary? Apparently he has a no-movement clause in his contract. By the way: he said he's probably keeping the house. You've got to love the housing bubble. I guess it's good things are heating up on the Sean Avery movie. Dallas co-GM Les Jackson had an interesting take on his new acquisition: Heika: What was it about Avery that put him over the top? Take me through that process. Jackson: We know we have to overpay to get a free agent, so you have to find a free agent who will fit what you need and who can give you value for the length of his contract. That's what we saw. Does anyone think Avery would have heard the word overpay or the word value?Finally, this just in: Hey! Buffalo Sabres! Nice third jersey (maybe)! But the 1970s Pittsburgh Pirates called. They want their uniform back.Source

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