Sunday, May 11, 2008

What the Ocean Pulled to Shore Part 1

I walked downstairs with my head hanging, glancing up to make sure I wasn’t going to collide with anyone. That kind of impact is not what my sick body needed. In the split second I glanced up something happened to catch the attention of that annoying twitching eye of mine…him.
Let me explain what type of household I live in. There are lots of men who live in this house. Not just any men. Hot, gorgeous, beautiful men, these men have bodies that are so tight and fit its mind blowing. These men play in the, yes the National Hockey League. And they make a lot of money. Did I mention that they’re gorgeous?! And that I live with them?! Anyway, they live in the mansion my best friend owns and basically it’s awesome.
To elaborate more on this lifestyle I live, I guess you can say that I’m a whore. I’m married to Danny Briere and I’m dating Brian Campbell. There is a ton of reasoning behind everything along side the history that runs deep in this house, but we don’t need to get into that.
Enough explaining, let’s get back to him. He happens to be Jochen Hecht, the gorgeous alternate captain of the Buffalo Sabres. He was standing in the kitchen talking to my husband. I stopped dead in my tracks and my skin started to heat up the moment I realized I wasn’t moving anymore. I took a deep breath and made myself walk into the kitchen.
I buried my head into Danny’s back, wrapped my arms around his waist and moaned in pain.
“What’s wrong baby?” Danny asked.
I sniffed and put my chin on his shoulder, staring at Jochen, “I hate being sick!”
“Aw, I know. I have soup on the stove for you, it’s almost ready.”
I smiled and let go of him, sitting down at the table. As he turned around and walked over to stir the soup I grabbed Jochen’s hand and pulled him down so we were face to face. I watched as his eyes danced along my facial features, causing him to smile one of his rare smiles when they finally rested on mine. I nuzzled my head in between his neck and shoulder and he grinned.
“How are you feeling?” He whispered softly so only I could hear.
I stuck my tongue out as my reply.
“Still icky I take it?”
I nodded and he sat down as Danny carried my soup over and set it on the table. I kissed Danny’s hand in thanks and inhaled the best I could with my stuffed nose. I blew on my spoon of Danny’s amazing chicken soup and turned my attention to Jochen again.
“Jochen, would you care to join me watching a movie?” I put the spoon in my mouth, making a mental note to truly thank Danny for being an amazing cook.
Jochen took a second to consider, “What movie?”
I grinned and cocked an eyebrow, “You’ll see if you agree to watch it with me!”
“Well, I don’t know…”
“Pleaseeee? Pleasee Yoyo? Pleasee!?! You can have some of my amazing soupppp,” I put my spoon near his mouth, tempting him and pouted. “I’m sick! I cannot believe you aren’t automatically agreeing with me! See if you get any skin tonight!!”
He took my offering before I could take it back, “I mean…of course I will watch a movie with you! I love your sick ass and wouldn’t pass up this chance to spend time with you!” He grinned slyly.
“That’s what I thought I heard,” I went back to my soup.
All of a sudden a door slammed on the second floor, “FUCK YOU KELLY!” As Max Afinogenov came stomping downstairs and went over to the bar, pulling out a bottle of vodka.
I looked at Jochen and rolled my eyes, sighing, “Time to watch that movie!” I put my empty bowl in the sink and thanked Danny again for his food. Jochen took my hand and led me up to his room.
“But I wanna go get the movie!” I whined.
“Shhh, you can go get it in a second,” Jochen said as he closed the door behind him.
I stomped my foot and crossed my arms over my chest, “Bu-” He cut me off by putting a finger over my lips.
“Hush, lemme help you feel a little better,” He murmured looking me up and down then slowly kissing me. I pulled away, ruining the moment just to be fussy.
“I want to watch a movie!” I stomped my foot again like a five year old throwing a tantrum. Jochen just ignored me and picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder as I promptly attempted to scream. He put me on the bed and I started to kick and rolled over on my stomach, shoving my head underneath his pillows.
“Dee, why you gotta be like that?” Jochen asked, kneeling on his bed.
I peeked out from under the pillows and stuck my tongue out at him, “Becauseeee…I can be!”
Jochen got fed up with me and pounced, tickling me. I screamed and fought him off until I lost the little energy I had left after being sick for days. He giggled, “That was a poor effort, sweetie.”
“None of that now, I’ve been sick!” The twinkle in his eyes caused my anger to evaporate. I smiled and grabbed his hands pulling him closer, “Why are you so fucking adorable?”
Jochen straddled me and pinned my arms down and countered, “Why do you have to be so uptight all the damn time?”
“Why do you have to be so irresistible?”
“Why do you have to be so unreachable, so wanted, so loved?”
My face fell, “Why do you have to ask such questions at such times?”
I squirmed under him, “I’m sorry I trouble your thoughts so that you bring up such ideas.”
His head sagged, “I’m sorry that I can’t have such a wonderful girl all to myself.”
Tears filled my eyes, “This doesn’t hurt anyone more then me!”
“Then why don’t you stop? Don’t you see Dee? I want you, I want you all the time, I want to be able to have you whenever I need you. Every night after games, after practice, on off days. I want you to be the person I wake up next to everyday.”
I yanked my arms from his grip and shoved him off of me, “It’s not that simple! It’s not! I just can’t stop loving them! ESPECIALLY DANNY! I can’t just choose. I can’t fulfill everyone’s needs if everyone wants me. You don’t see everything I go through; you don’t know what I’ve had to deal with! You don’t get it!” I crawled off the bed and ran towards the door.
“Demi! Wait! Please don’t go!” Jochen yelled, running after me. I was already out of his room, up two flights of stairs and in my room on the fourth floor.


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